The technological and human commitment marked the corporate mission of PG Solutions since its foundation in 1980. Opening its doors in Rimouski, the company has grown steadily since to win today throughout the Quebec market , as a leader among the major software developers.

Some of the highlights of the history of PG Solutions:

1980 Launch by Thomas Gagnon in Rimouski
1983 Launch of the first software developed in Cobol under the CMS operating system Cobol 68
1987 First software in PC environment in MS-DOS environments SXO-XENIX 286
1989 To enter the market of small municipalities and MRCs, the company is developing a property assessment management software.
1989 Acquisition of APC Progiciel.
1990 Transfer to NCR UNIX technologies Tower 3
1991 Introduction of SCO UNIX technologies
1992 The MRC became the first customer "Property Assessment" PG, while we introduced along Novell networks 2.2
1992 Westward expansion in Quebec with the opening of an office in Montreal
1993 Introduction of Object Oriented concept and first partnership with a major city, Boucherville
1994 Expansion with the opening of an office in Québec City.
1995 Signature of a partnership with Speedware.
1996 Munigest launching.
1996 Start of development of the first generation of applications operating on Windows
1997 Strategic alliance with ESRI ArcView to distribute software, ArcInfo and Analyst
1999 Launched after PG MegaGest, replacing MuniGest and that will eventually be implemented in more than 600 municipalities in Quebec
2000 PG launches Globalis with two other partners, which turns out to be the beginnings of online services offered to citizens
2000 inPROtec acquisition.
2001 After the Quattra Design acquisition, PG Elections is launched.
2002 PG wins an Octas
2003 Launch of .NET development and integration of methodologies UML (Unified Modelling Language) and RUP (Rational Unified Process)
2003 SyGID acquisition
2003 Activitek acquisition.
2004 Mensys Acquisition.
2005 Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
2006 Logiciels Govern acquisition.
2007 PG becomes a subsidiary of Harris Computer Corporation.
2009 Signing of an important contract with the city of Drummondville. Following a very detailed tender PG wins the contract, which will run for 36 months.
2010 Copernic acquisition.
2011 Hopem acquisition.
2013 Première Ligne, CTSpec and SMI acquisitions.

Today, PG Solutions continues to innovate in the production of its new generation of software. Indeed, the company now includes in its development process Agile, which wants a method based on iterative and incremental development of the.

It also innovates by creating new applications designed and intended for specific clienteles cities: customer-centric applications to provide value-added services online. Strong business and future-oriented, PG Solutions falls constantly new challenges and meet the demands of an increasingly complex and growing clientele.