AccèsCité Loisirs

AccèsCité Loisirs is a software solution designed specifically for recreational activities management. Utilizing an advanced technology, AccèsCité Loisirs offers extensive scheduling flexibility via a Web Interface. The online reservations and registrations enable users to get quick and easy access to the recreational activities that are of greatest interest to them. Citizens may register themselves and make their own reservations directly on the Internet. All in the comfort of their own home.

Inspired by the needs and input of users within the field of recreation, the  AccèsCité Loisirssolution expands significantly the traditional scope of recreation management services.


Citiyen account

Book a facility, register for an activity offered by your city and pay online. Thanks to the citizen account of our leisure management solution, the citizen can accomplish everything, from the comfort of his home!


This module is used to group in one place all the activities you want to offer. It also allows you to create your citizen base and make the required links between the different family members.


This module is the logical step to allow citizens to rent or reserve facilities or individuals. The city can configure the facilities, equipment and even the speakers you want to make available for a reservation. It is also very easy to see the list of reservations and view them on a calendar.

Leisure Card

This module allows you to create and print, in real time, the leisure card for your citizens. It can be used with a digital camera or a photo bank that you already have. You can also customize your card by adding your logo, barcode and add any other information that must be present.

RL-24 Summary

This module produces all reports and forms required according to the government requirements & standards for childcare credits.

Point of Sales

The Point of Sales Module is a very similar interface to a cash register. It is used primarily for the sale of products for exemple: entrance fees for skating or pool.