AccessCity Evaluation

AccessCity Evaluation provides your organization with a complete set of assessment and administration tools which are supported by a powerful GIS tool. This software is primarily intended for appraisers and assessors. It supports all property assessment processes required to build and maintain a property assessment role.


Assessment Role Update and Management

In addition to enabling easy interrogation of the role, it is possible to simulate a role in preparation according to neighborhood units or other type of segmentation of the files. This is also done in what unit making land triennial roll.

Calculation Methods

Depending on your needs and your environment, you may choose the calculation methods that suit you best, such as:

  • Residential Cost Method
  • Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Cost Method
  • MFarm Buildings Cost Method
  • Comparison Method
  • Income Method

Mobile Inspections

The Mobile Inspections module allows inspectors and code enforcement officers to get into the field and complete the full inspection process without printing any files.

Other modules

  • Field calculation
  • Median Method
  • Market Analysis
  • Sketches Processing
  • Historicity
  • Administrative Review
  • Permits Follow-up