AccesCity Finances

AccessCity Finances optimizes your finances management. This software is modular and fully integrated, allowing to effectively manage the information related to the various departments of your City.


This module allows the management of all city revenues, from the billing to the perception. The tax module takes into account the modernization and can handle files of a non modernized role as well as the files of a modernized role. It also allows management of the historicity of the assessment roll (ability to produce the building details on a given date with all the information relating thereto).


The Billing module allows to charge different citizens. You can generate and send out bills, manage taxes and deal with the accounts receivable collection.

Water Meter Billing

This module manages all processing related to water meter billing.

Recovery procedures

This module allows to define and manage the different recovery procedures for property tax bills, rental or various taxes. It selects the accounts receivable using user-defined criteria and starts the recovery process.

Maps management

JMap is an online mapping solution for integrating a maximum of information and technologies within an organization and publishing through enterprise networks, public networks and mobile networks. It is a Geospatial Hub aimed to optimize asset management and security.

Payroll and humain resources

This module is fully integrated and it uses a single database to handle both the information regarding the Human Resources department as well as the information required to produce the payroll. The payroll inside AccessCity Finances is a payroll for exceptions, which means that it only the exceptions (holidays, illness, etc.) needs to be entered in the system as the other information are being generated automatically.

General ledger

This module is the heart of AccessCity Finances. It centralizes all accounting transactions and accessing various auxiliary defined in this module. Fully integrated with the Microsoft Office, it ensures the full and all the financial inputs.

Accounting by activity

The activity based accounting module allows extra accounting of certain cityactivities. An activity can be annual or specific to a given period. This management method generates a more pointed information that can be oriented and reworked according to the various analysis and comparisons (ex, how much does it costs to maintain the roads during the winter?).

Budget preparation

This module allows you to prepeare the annual budget or a budget revision during the year (it allows you, among other things, the production of pro-forma reports). It is fully integrated with Microsoft Excel to dynamically integrate worksheets.

Debt Management

The debt management module enables your organization to perform an optimized management of loans so you can make the right decisions for your city.


This module manages all processing related to the management of fixed assets including the depreciation calculation according to the rules MAMROT.

Supply Chain Management

This module allows the management of invoices to pay suppliers and issue checks. It aims to collect data from suppliers purchase invoices with their distribution by budget when they have not been processed. These are stored in an auxiliary accounts payable.


This module is integrated into the municipal and activity-based accounting. It allows to generate orders from purchase requisitions, price request or directly from a request initiated from an internal service.

Reports and financial statements

This module allows to define custom financial reports by choosing columns and sections. It will look into the database for the necessary information, in real time. It can also generate a report on a given date.


This module is fully integrated with the Orders and Accounts Payable modules, it allows users to manage the entire process related for products ordered directly from the Inventory to the taking the inventory physically.

Price request and Request for proposal (RFP)

This module allows, following a requisition or an order, the city to go to a tender or an RFP based on the organization settings.


This module is web-based that allows users to create a requisition that can potentially generate an RFP or an order.