AccessCity Land

AccessCity Land brings together different areas of information in connection with land management which are supported by a powerful mapping tool. The software allows you to efficiently manage the citizen's information and helps you provide them with high-quality services. This solution is modular, which means that you may choose specific modules according to your needs and your priorities.

Why choose AccessCity Land

Property Central Directory

The Property Central Directory is the heart of AccessCity Land and it is directly connected to the Map Management Module. It gathers information regarding a building from various sources and makes it available to the user.

Multimedia Data Management

The module Multimedia Data Management allows to attach any type of multimedia data to the Property Central Directory.

Permit Tracking

The Permit Tracking Module allows you to manage permits applications, permits and certificates that have been issued.


The Mobility Module allows your inspectors to carry out all operations related to inspections directly in the field!

Septic Tank Draining Schedules

The Septic Tank Draining Schedules allows you to create an inventory of all septic tanks and to manage them. This module also allows you to monitor facility compliance, managing maintenance contracts and generate vouchers for cleaning operations.

Services Quality (Requests and Complaints)

The module Services Quality allows you to manage the various requests; whether they are complaints, queries, internal inquiries or requests for information.

Land Inventory Management

The Land Inventory Management is fully integrated to AccessCity Land, which allows the user to decide what he wants to manage as an asset. This module is customizable to match the city's needs in regards to manage trees, bridges or even road signs.

Urban Planning and Zoning

The Urban Planning and Zoning Module allows you to manage all urban planning requests but also offers several features to manage grids specifications or grids standards.

JMap Maps Management

JMap is an online mapping solution for integrating a maximum of information and technologies within an organization and publishing through enterprise networks, public networks and mobile networks. It is a Geospatial Hub aimed to optimize asset management and security.